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Sunday July 5, 2015

Exciting events are happening at Minnesota Historical Society
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Simplified Cellphones for Seniors with Hearing Problems
Savvy Living
Can you recommend some basic simplified cellphones for seniors with hearing loss? My 82-year-old father needs to get a...
Will Congress Fix the Tax Code?
Washington News
As Americans are enjoying the 4th of July holiday, the House Ways and Means Committee staff published a summary of efforts to improve the tax code. These efforts highlight the potential changes in three areas of taxation. 1. Permanent Tax Extenders - There are 55 tax provisions that are extended for one or two years at a time. Unfortunately, the extension in 2014 occurred in mid-December. It is very difficult for people to plan or use provisions such as the IRA charitable rollover when the bills are passed so late in the year. Therefore, Ways and Means Committee staff believe that several...
Helping Children Today
Personal Planner
When children are in their 30s and 40s, they frequently are starting a new career or beginning a family. Many are still...